Batman stitched card

Hi everyone !

Yup, i’m still alive ! The end of year (and the beginning too, actually) is always kinda busy for me (with all the birthdays, the new year and christmas cards…) and this year, the wedding didn’t help.

But it was great. Everything went perfectly.

So, I still have a few card to finish for the new year wishes, but I’m waiting until I’ve finished them all to post them.

But, like every beginning of the year, I’m back with the birthdaycard for my Batman’s fan friend.


This year, I’m into stitched cards, so most of my card will be stitched, and so is the Batman card. I had to make it in a hurry before going to the birthday party because I had a lot of trouble finding the idea. I finally used a scene from the opening of the old 80’s cartoon.

Not a lot of specific material here. The « Joyeux anniversaire » sticker is from Cultura, and the half beads are from Action


Just realised I hadn’t given the winner of the contest yet, so here it is: the winner is Sandy !

Star Wars card and tag

Same as last year, we’ve celebrated my friend fan of star wars’s birthday. So I made him a quite simple card, inspired by one of the beloved character of the movies: C-3PO. I’ve also made a tag (in which we’ve put a bit a money) for which I used the Sith Empire colors and symbol (good guys are not the only ones to count!)

20151016_185049 20151016_185019 20151016_185012

The cutting has been done by my Silhouette. I had to make the cutting file for C-3PO myself, and for the tag I used a already existing file in which I added the Sith Empire symbol.

I used metallized gold paper for C-3PO, and a fake metal bronze paper for the eyes.

For the tag, I used a stencil brush and black ink to color the edges, and for the sith symbol I used red tracing paper.

Two teddy bears

My sister-in-law recently discovered that she’s preganant. Most of us heard about it by her or by her partner, but she asked me to do two card to announce it to her sister and her cousin. Since we didn’t know back then if it was going to be a boy or a girl (we’re still not 100% sure), I’ve used neutral colors.

I used a digistamp from Bird’s Cards that I find absolutely lovely, and I used my pro-marker to color it. I used a needle to pierce the stamp where there was stitches, to make it a bit more realistic. The cards are quite simple, without too many stuff on it, but I really liked making them. Birth is theme I really love but I don’t have much opportunity to work with it.

20151014_162447 20151014_191455There’s not a lot of specific material here, the half-beads are from a brand called Artwork. The cuts have been done by my Silhouette and the stamp « Une nouvelle source de bonheur » (which mean:  » A new source of happiness ») is from Aladdine and I’ve embossed it with Artemio’s Silver Pearl powder. The base paper (the iridescent one) come from Zeeman.



BTW, I’m extending the contest duration till the end of december.

A little hint for the answer: We’ve invited 83 person in total. So, knowing that, you can probably guess the amount of announcement cards I had to do 😉

Going bilingual!

Hi everyone!

Like I said in the last article, the blog is going bilingual. Starting today, the homepage of the blog is a static page, welcoming you and giving you the choice to read the blog in english or in french (yep, it’s here people!). Every article will be posted twice, one in english, and one in french, and they will be available in their version of the blog. For now, only the wedding announcement and the contest for the 100th article of the blog have been translated (and, well, this one too I guess), and I’m still hesitant as to translate the old article or not. This would be quite a lot of work (but hey, I guess I’ll reach 200 article quite fast lol), but it’s kinda up to you guys. Do you want them translated or not? Anyway, the bilingual blog is now in place and, even if there’s still a bit of work to do, we’re on our way!

So what does that mean? It mean that, starting today, the blog will be much more easier to read for non french speaking people (and that’s a lot of people!). The only « problem » is, since I have to write every article twice, people who have subscribe to the blog will now receive two mail (sorry guys, that part is up to wordpress, not me). That can be a bit boring, I understand but unfortunately there is nothing I can do for that. And that’s also one of the reason why I’m hesitant as to translate old article: it would mean writing them and posting them a second time and so, people would receive quite a few mail during that time. So, I’m thinking about another way of doing it without starting to spam people (because geez, that’s definitely not why I’m here).

So that’s it guys, the blog is going 2.0 and I just wanted you to know, so you’re not too lost.

I wish you a wonderful week end and don’t forget the contest for the 100th article!

Contest for the 100th article!


The wedding annoucement was my 100th article on the blog!

It’s a new achievements! I’m still working on making to blog available in french AND in english, but for now, I suggest we celebrate with a new contest! What’s to win? A creation of your choice, 100% customized!

To enter the contest, it’s easy, you just have to answer in comment to the following question:

How many wedding announcement card did I realised?

To stay in the mood of the wedding, I’m letting you until the 22nd of November, at 00:00 (UTC+1, so the time of Paris). If nobody have found the exact number by then, the winner will be the person who gave to closest number. And, if more than one person are giving to same answer, I’ll use a website like dcode to randomly choose to winner between them.

Good luck everyone and feel free to share the contest!



Edit 22nd of November: The contest will continue ’til the end of December! A little hint for the answer: We’ve invited 83 person in total!

Wedding Announcement

So, I’m pretty sure everyone’s got our wedding announcement, therefore I guess I can finally post it without spoiling the surprise.

I’ve worked the best I can to hide privates informations, but the rendering is not really flawless lol… But hey, that should do it.

I used our wedding colors: white, cream and turquoise, and managed to get a little geeky touch in the text without overdoing it (you know, so it doesn’t become, well… « too much »). Computers always had a big space in our live so it just had to be there somewhere.

20151007_171304 20151007_171321 20151007_171338 20151007_171350 20151007_171358

The front of the announcement card have been made using Tiny Hearts Lace Edged twice, and the « You’re Invited » is from the Mix & Max sentiment category of Bird’s Cards.

The papers’s colors are iridescent ivory, iridescent white, white and turquoise.

For the fonts, I used Dragon is Coming for the internal text, Jellyka Western Princess for the numbers. For the Google page and the answer card, I used Delius Swash Caps. And the inside of the search bars are written in Tahoma.

If you want a translation of the texts, here is what it says:

First page:

Two mouses and a few clics were enought for them to met. Since then, they’ve never disconnected.

Charles-Antoine and Julie

Have decided to keep travelling by getting married

Tuesday, the 22nd of December 2015 at [hour of the wedding + where to go]

Then, click on the occasion and join them !

A double click will bring you to [The place of the party]

to share their happiness

around a meal and a dancing party

Please answer before the 10th of November

[Phone numbers]


Second page:

If you want to « spoil » us

We don’t have green fingers, so we won’t do well with flowers…

… But we do hope to have a lucky hand with the few scratch cards that we will get instead of flowers

After 6 years of common life, our home is already well furnished… However, if you want to help us improve it, a box will be available.


Third Page:

It’s the menu, and I have noo idea how to translate it, sorry! Again, I asked to answer before the 10th of november and I remind my guest that the dress-code is to have a little bit of turquoise on them!

Fourth page:

Where are we going?


Where can we gave our answer?

[adresses, mail adresses and phone numbers]

And for the answer card it’s basically a choice between the fish menu, the chicken menu and the fact of not being there, with the name of the guests.

Sketch Cardabilities N°130

Me revoilà, avec une nouvelle fois un sketch de Cardabilities! Cette fois encore du coup, je ferai la traduction sous chaque phrase pour nos amis anglophone. Ce n’est pas l’idéal, et je m’en excuse, mais je pense réorganiser le blog pour le centième article en mettant en place un système qui me permettra de rendre le blog accessible aux francophones et aux anglophones de façon plus agréable.
I’m back, with a sketch from Cardabilities again! And, again, I will put the translation under each phrase for our dear english speaker. It’s not ideal for now, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m planning on changing things on the blog for the 100th post, to start a new way of posting that will allow french speaker AND english speaker to read in a more convenient way.

Le week end dernier, j’ai fais un saut chez Cultura avec mon compagnon parce qu’il voulait s’acheter le livre Shutter Island, et il m’a dit qu’il m’offrait pour 10€ de matériel. J’ai donc bien réfléchis et j’ai décidé d’acheter de quoi m’essayer à l’utilisation des pigment Izink. Au final, il y en avait pour 15€, mais bon, ça reste raisonnable. J’ai acheté un flacon de pigment bleu Volubilis, un spray vide, un pochoir à étoile et le petit carnet à 1€ Izink pour donner des idées et des conseils d’utilisation. Une fois rentrée, j’ai bidouillé un peu, fais quelques essais, et si c’est loin d’être gagné pour l’utilisation avec pochoirs (ça déborde et dessous et du coup ça fais juste des grosses taches), je m’en sors pas trop mal avec les projections via le spray (les projections manuelles non plus c’est pas encore ça!).
Last week-end, I went to Cultura with my fiance because he wanted to buy the « Shutter Island » book, and he told me that he was offering me for 10€ of material. I though about what to buy and decided to buy the material to start using the Izink pigments. In the end, it was more 15€ than 10 buuut it’s still reasonable. I bought a flask of blue “Volubilis” pigment, an empty spray, a star stencil and the 1€ Izink booklet to have ideas and advices. Once at home, I started trying things, did a few tests, and it’s not a big success everywhere (I’m having trouble with the stencils, the ink is overflowing and it’s just making big stains), I’m kinda good with the spray’s spatters (I’m still not good with manual’s spatters either).

Du coup, après mes bidouillages, j’ai eu envie de faire une première carte avec des projections, l’occasion était toute trouvée puisqu’hier c’était l’anniversaire de mon beau-frère! J’ai donc fais un tour sur internet et, encore une fois, le dernier sketche de cardabilities m’a beaucoup plu, et je me suis donc lancée.
So, after my few experiments, I wanted to make my first card with spatters and the timing was just right since yesterday was my brother-in-law’s birthday ! I’ve had a little look around on the internet and, once again, I’ve spotted the last Cardabilities’s sketche, and so I went on !

Voici donc le sketch sur lequel je me suis basée
So, here’s the sketche I used
Comme vous pouvez le voir, c’est à croire qu’il était fait pour ces essais de projections!
As you can see, it’s as if it was made for my splatters tests.

Et donc, la carte que j’ai réalisée:
Aaaand here’s the card:

20150902_152239 20150902_152304
La base de la carte viens de chez Action
Les projections ont été faites avec un spray Izink et du pigment bleu « Volubilis » Izink
Le papier calque est un simple papier calque classique (de la marque Canson il me semble, mais j’ai mélangé deux marques dans mon classeur Canson et je ne saurais pas dire lequel c’est)
Le carré en fils qu’on voit à peine sur la photo (je ne sais même pas comment qualifier ce truc ^^’), le petit carré noir, le petit carré argenté, le ruban bleu uni et le tag blanc viennent de chez Zeeman (Non, je ne suis pas sponsorisée par Zeeman, pourquoi?)
L’attache parisienne est de Artemio (pack « Brésil » si je me souviens bien)
Le ruban irisé je suis plus sure, il doit venir de carrefour, mais ça fait 4 ans que je l’ai (c’est mon ruban « cadeau d’anniversaire ») donc je suis plus sure du tout!
Et le texte Happy Birthday… a été écrit par moi ^^’

The base of the card came from Action
The splatters have been made with an Izink spray and Izink blue « Volubilis » ink
The tracing paper is just a random tracing paper (might be from the trademark Canson but I’m not sure since I’ve stocked two type of tracing paper in my Canson’s folder)
The « whatever this is » square that you can barely see on the picture (seriously, I have NO idea what I’m supposed to call this), the black square, silver square, the plain blue ribbon and the white tag are from Zeeman (Sponsored by Zeeman, me? Nope, why do you ask?)
The brad’s from Artemio (the « Brésil » pack if I remember correctly)
And the blue iridescent ribbon I don’t remember. Probably a regular shop but I have it since 4 year (it’s my « birthday gift » ribbon) so I’m not sure at all.
And the Happy Birthday was writing by… me ^^’