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Going bilingual!

Hi everyone!

Like I said in the last article, the blog is going bilingual. Starting today, the homepage of the blog is a static page, welcoming you and giving you the choice to read the blog in english or in french (yep, it’s here people!). Every article will be posted twice, one in english, and one in french, and they will be available in their version of the blog. For now, only the wedding announcement and the contest for the 100th article of the blog have been translated (and, well, this one too I guess), and I’m still hesitant as to translate the old article or not. This would be quite a lot of work (but hey, I guess I’ll reach 200 article quite fast lol), but it’s kinda up to you guys. Do you want them translated or not? Anyway, the bilingual blog is now in place and, even if there’s still a bit of work to do, we’re on our way!

So what does that mean? It mean that, starting today, the blog will be much more easier to read for non french speaking people (and that’s a lot of people!). The only « problem » is, since I have to write every article twice, people who have subscribe to the blog will now receive two mail (sorry guys, that part is up to wordpress, not me). That can be a bit boring, I understand but unfortunately there is nothing I can do for that. And that’s also one of the reason why I’m hesitant as to translate old article: it would mean writing them and posting them a second time and so, people would receive quite a few mail during that time. So, I’m thinking about another way of doing it without starting to spam people (because geez, that’s definitely not why I’m here).

So that’s it guys, the blog is going 2.0 and I just wanted you to know, so you’re not too lost.

I wish you a wonderful week end and don’t forget the contest for the 100th article!



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