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Wedding Announcement

So, I’m pretty sure everyone’s got our wedding announcement, therefore I guess I can finally post it without spoiling the surprise.

I’ve worked the best I can to hide privates informations, but the rendering is not really flawless lol… But hey, that should do it.

I used our wedding colors: white, cream and turquoise, and managed to get a little geeky touch in the text without overdoing it (you know, so it doesn’t become, well… « too much »). Computers always had a big space in our live so it just had to be there somewhere.

20151007_171304 20151007_171321 20151007_171338 20151007_171350 20151007_171358

The front of the announcement card have been made using Tiny Hearts Lace Edged twice, and the « You’re Invited » is from the Mix & Max sentiment category of Bird’s Cards.

The papers’s colors are iridescent ivory, iridescent white, white and turquoise.

For the fonts, I used Dragon is Coming for the internal text, Jellyka Western Princess for the numbers. For the Google page and the answer card, I used Delius Swash Caps. And the inside of the search bars are written in Tahoma.

If you want a translation of the texts, here is what it says:

First page:

Two mouses and a few clics were enought for them to met. Since then, they’ve never disconnected.

Charles-Antoine and Julie

Have decided to keep travelling by getting married

Tuesday, the 22nd of December 2015 at [hour of the wedding + where to go]

Then, click on the occasion and join them !

A double click will bring you to [The place of the party]

to share their happiness

around a meal and a dancing party

Please answer before the 10th of November

[Phone numbers]


Second page:

If you want to « spoil » us

We don’t have green fingers, so we won’t do well with flowers…

… But we do hope to have a lucky hand with the few scratch cards that we will get instead of flowers

After 6 years of common life, our home is already well furnished… However, if you want to help us improve it, a box will be available.


Third Page:

It’s the menu, and I have noo idea how to translate it, sorry! Again, I asked to answer before the 10th of november and I remind my guest that the dress-code is to have a little bit of turquoise on them!

Fourth page:

Where are we going?


Where can we gave our answer?

[adresses, mail adresses and phone numbers]

And for the answer card it’s basically a choice between the fish menu, the chicken menu and the fact of not being there, with the name of the guests.


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